Lanli Heavy Industry won the title of Wuxi Gazelle Enterprise in 2021

On December 27, Wuxi's science and Technology Bureau 2021 the results of the 2021 Wuxi Baby Eagle, Gazelle and quasi-unicorn companies. Jiangsu Lanli Heavy Industry Technology Co. , Ltd. was listed on the list of 2021 Antelope Enterprises. The survey was conducted on the basis of applications from enterprises, recommendations from local science and technology authorities, expert reviews, comprehensive reviews and decisions made at meetings of the Wuxi Science and Technology Bureau. Aiming to strengthen the classification, support and orientation of innovative enterprises, and give full play to the leading role of enterprises in demonstration, reveal the characteristics of Jiangsu lanli Heavy Industry Technology Co. , Ltd. in R & D, innovation capacity, market integration and competitiveness.

In line with the spirit of the policy advice on supporting the high-quality development of modern industries (Commission No. 59 of the eleventh session (2021)) and the policy measures for deepening the implementation of the innovation-driven core strategy and accelerating the construction of the science, Technology and Innovation Plateau (Commission No. 19 of the Eleventh Session (2018)) , li Lanqing Jiabao, the Politburo of the Communist Party of China Standing Committee and vice-premier, chaired the meeting. The "Wuxi Eagle Enterprise, Gazelle Enterprise, and quasi-unicorn enterprise"(hereinafter referred to as the "Three types of enterprise")2021 by the Wuxi Municipal People's government is a core strategy for deepening the implementation of the innovation-driven strategy, fostering the growth of innovative enterprise clusters, giving full play to the exemplary and leading role of benchmarking enterprises, guiding enterprises to increase investment in innovation, improving their technological innovation capabilities, supporting their rapid growth, building an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and promoting provincial-provincial cooperation to promote enterprise development.

Strong technical force, there are more than 40 senior R & D personnel, Jiangsu Province science and technology department as“Jiangsu (Blue) press technology r & D Center”, jiangsu provincial department of Education as a provincial-level enterprise graduate workstation. The company takes innovation as the primary development strategy, through unremitting technology, management and service innovation, enhance the advantage of process equipment, product technology content and brand market trust; Blue Power 10 series of more than 100 varieties of hydraulic press with its superior cost-effective, best-selling provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and exported to Europe, the United States, Russia and Southeast Asia, the Middle East; It is widely used in aerospace, electric appliances, rail transit, ships and automobiles, energy and petrochemical, building materials, electronic manufacturing and other fields.

Post time: Jun-03-2019